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St Jamesís Primary School, Newtownabbey

The Jungle Book

15th Jun 2018

We are so proud of our Year 7 pupils after two fantastic performances of The Jungle Book. 

On Wednesday and Thursday evening, audiences were transported to the Jungle where they met the Man-cub Mowgli (played by Scarlett Reid) who was raised by wolves in the Jungle (Beccie Campbell). Poor Mowgli was forced into hiding in the jungle from the ferocious Shere Khan the tiger who hates ‘man’ (Jovial Gigy). 

During his time in the Jungle, Mowgli meets:

Kaa the Snake (Niamh McWilliams, Darcie Robinson, Abigail Neill, Anna Gordon, Diana Saji).

A Herd of Elephants; (Johnny Nicholson, Grace McKinley, Ruairi Magee, Ciara Green and Olina Sunil). 

King Louie (Cara Hamilton) with his band of Monkey Brothers;(Janelle Flanagan, Corey Russell, Steven Barnes, Calum O’Neill, Callum Grant and Jonathan McCourt).

Flips and Flaps and the vulture gang;(Tristan Curry, Cian Morgan, Evan Johnston, Rory O’Connallain and Olivier Wizling).

Helped by the serious panther Bageera (Hannah Quinn) and the lovable bear Baloo (Abigail McNamara) Mowgli manages to escape the Jungle helped by all his friends and leaves with the beautiful Shanti (Melani Biju).

A special mention to Our fantastic Narrators (Marianna Garvin and Caitlin Shaw) and dancers (Lara Quinn and Anna Gordon) and our wonderful choir from year 5 and 6.