Access Keys:

St Jamesís Primary School, Newtownabbey

Our Staff

Principal: Mrs Paula Cunningham

Vice Principal and SENco: Mrs Julie Hinds

Year 1: Miss Morrow

Year 2: Miss O'Boyle

Year 3: Mrs Cross and Mrs Hinds

Year 4: Mr Jones

Year 4: Mr McNamee

Year 5: Miss Tubridy 

Year 6: Mrs Kelly

Year 6: Ms McErlean

Year 7: Mrs Donaghy

SRC: Mrs Magill

Nursery: Mrs Higgins (Full time class)

               Mrs McIlvenny (Part time classes)

Nursery Asistants: Ms Toman, Mrs McMurtry

Classroom/Learning Support Assistants:

Mrs Doyle, Mrs Hughes,

Mrs Gamble,

Mrs Chambers,

Mrs Reid,

Mrs McNickle, Ms McCafferty,

Ms Moran, Ms Simms,

Ms Szolonik, Ms McLarnon

Secretary: Mrs Brown

Building Supervisor: Mr Devenney

Ancillary Staff:

Mrs Southam

Ms Gray

Mrs Doyle

Miss Southam


Board of Governors:




Mrs Maire Heaney

Trustee Rep


Mrs Peri Mullan

Trustee Rep


Mrs Anne McDermott-Butler

Trustee Rep



Trustee Rep


Mrs Keira Simpson

EA Rep


Mr Billy Webb

EA Rep


Mrs Joanne McDermott

DE Rep


Mrs Samantha Sayers

Parent Governor

Designated Governor for Safeguarding and Child Protection

Mrs Paula Donaghy

Teacher Governor


Mrs Paula Cunningham



School Uniform

It is important that all children wear their full school uniform at all times. 

Our uniform consists of:

School Jumper 

White shirt/white blouse

School tie

Grey Trousers for boys

Grey skirt/pinafore for girls 

White or grey socks for girls and black or grey for boys

Black shoes

Children must change for P.E. 

P.E. Uniform is black shorts and white polo shirt. 

Children are NOT permitted to wear jewellery including earrings